One of the highlights of 2019 season was White Buffalo Outdoors being selected as one of the top 40 hunting websites by Feedspot.  Feedspot curates and ranks websites, blogs, Youtube channels, and many other outlets into thousands of niche industries.  To view Feedspot’s top 40 hunting websites of 2019, click the link below.

Top 40 Hunting Blogs & Websites Every Hunter Must Follow in 2019

When I first considered building an outdoor website, I did a little research and came across Feedspot’s top 40 list.  Scanning through all 40 websites, I became very intimidated.  With no website building and design experience, I had no idea where to start.  However, I was determined to be on this list and made it a point to knock down all barriers that stood in my way.  After months of researching and building 4 different practice websites, I finally had it figured out.  I was finally able to create content and go forward to accomplish this goal.

White Buffalo Outdoors is a community based website and because of this, I receive a lot of information from outdoorsmen from around the world.  Their experiences and knowledge have taught me a lot about the outdoors and have given me the tools to write more effective articles.  Without the communities support, my website would not be what it is today.       

I would like to thank my family, friends, and the thousands of people who follow White Buffalo Outdoors.  Without your daily support, my website would not have transformed into what it is today.  Lastly, thank you to Feedspot for taking the time to analyze White Buffalo Outdoors.  Your recommendation is greatly appreciated and respected!

To learn more about White Buffalo Outdoors visit my About Page.  

Thank you,

Justin J. Lind

December, 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors

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