The kids are playing and cooking marshmallows while adults talk about old times. Sitting around a fire with family and food is a wonderful way to spend a weekend away from everyday life.

What is one kitchen essential you should always have with you in the event someone is burned?

Saran wrap.

If the person has a major burn, immediately call 911. While waiting for paramedics, wrap the burned area with one layer of saran wrap. Remove jewelry, belts, and any other restrictive items. It is important you DO NOT pour water on severe burns.

If the burn is minor, run clean cool water on the burn and apply 1 layer of saran wrap.

Saran wrap is recommended for 3 reasons:

1. Drastic Decrease in Pain

Saran wrap covers exposed nerve endings which causes unbearable pain when exposed to air.

2. Can Prevent Shock

The pain is so severe during a major burn, victims can go into shock. Covering the burns with saran wrap calms the victim and decreases pain.

3. Keeps Burned Area Clean

Saran wrap clings to the area tightly and does not allow air or debris in.

4. Easy to Remove

Doctors in the Emergency Rooms can easily remove the saran wrap and not cause additional damage.

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Justin J. Lind

January 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors