Are you looking at buying a new sling for your next hunting adventure and have considered The Claw Sling by Quake?  Look not further!  My review of The Claw Sling is an honest one that I personally tested in rough terrain.

Hunting for 25 years and serving in the military for 6, I have spent a great deal of time walking through rugged terrain with a sling on my shoulder.  Many of the slings that I owned or were issued to me by the military all had the same issue – they cannot hold up to the elements and they slide all over my shoulder.  When I have a sling that slides on my shoulder, it forces me to hold onto the stock of the gun to balance it.  Doing this can be dangerous when you are walking in secluded and rugged terrain.  Using a hand to balance your gun and not yourself increases the chances for more falls and injuries.  Using an uncomfortable sling that slides also forces you to become frustrated and carry the gun with 2 hands, further increasing the chances of not catching yourself if you fall.   

Back in October of 2019 I purchased a new muzzle loader for the Iowa deer season.  Being frustrated with slings my entire life, I spent a few extra dollars (literally) and purchased The Claw by Quake Industries.  The packaging listed the following features:

  • Grips to any clothing
  • Won’t Absorb moisture or odor
  • Excellent performance in any weather
  • Equipped with quick disconnect and metal swivels
  • Stays flexible – Won’t crack, shrink, or fade
  • Assorted colors and styles – for rifles shotguns, crossbows, tactical guns, and tree stands
My Personal Experience and Testing of The Claw Sling

Unpacking and attaching the sling to my muzzle loader took under two minutes.  The metal swivels, nylon strap, and the rubber pad looked and felt high quality.

The area I muzzle loader hunt is far from flat. There are hills, unstable ledges, and thick understories that require me to get on my hands and knees just to get to my hunting spot.  The Claw Sling held up to these conditions and I was surprised that I was able to use both hands to carry my blind, chair, and bipod.  The sling did not slip or pull off my shoulder when a tree branch grabbed or brushed against my muzzle loader barrel. 

Walking was a breeze with The Claw Sling, so I tested it when I exited the woods.  I found an asphalt road and ran about 50 yards and the sling did not slip or fall off my shoulder.  After my little run all I could think was, “Wish I had this when I was in the military”!    

Another feature I liked on The Claw Sling was the width of the rubber pad.  The sling was comfortable to wear and did not dig into my shoulder.  I also liked that the pad was rubber.  If you get your sling wet and place in a gun case with the wet sling attached, you will have a rusty gun the next time you use it. 

Overall, I highly recommend The Claw Sling.  To learn about my review of The Claw Sling do not hesitate to contact me at anytime.    

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Justin J. Lind

January, 2020
White Buffalo Outdoors

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