As a flathead fisherman, you spend countless hours preparing, just in case “the big one” bites. The last thing you would want is the fish spitting your bait before you set the hook. How do you prevent this? By a pair of 99¢ nail clippers and keep them close by.

Bluegills have a spiny dorsal fin used as a defense mechanism.  When a predator attempts to swallow them, the bluegill will flex their dorsal fin to puncture the predator.

To ensure “the big one” can swallow without hesitation, you will need to disarm the bluegill by following these simple steps:

  1. Lay the bluegill on your palm (non-dominant hand).
  2. Take the tips of your fingers with the same hand (non-dominant hand) and work the dorsal fin out flat, exposing the spines.
  3. Take the nail clippers and snip the sharp ends off about a quarter inch down. Do this to every spiny fin until the dorsal fin is smooth.
  4. Hook your bluegill in your preferred spot and you are ready to fish!

Good luck fishing and please send White Buffalo Outdoors a picture of your next monster flathead and we would be happy to post in the Trophy Room!

Justin J. Lind

September 2017
White Buffalo Outdoors