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Matt Macke: Be Prepared to Improvise

“Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, they are guaranteed to happen.”  Matt Macke, 20 year veteran of the outdoors and veteran of the United States Army, grew up learning the outdoor way of life through his father, a conservation officer in the state of Iowa.  Matt, who was awarded 2 Purple Hearts for his service in Iraq and Afghanistan, has recently chased his dream and started his own game call business called Double M. Game Calls.  Learning to hunt, fish, and trap through a conservation officer gives Matt a unique perspective on the outdoor way of life.

What changes in hunting, fishing and/or trapping do you see today compared to when you were growing up?

“The largest change I see is the technology boom in firearms and camouflage, especially in waterfowl hunting.  I remember as a kid going duck hunting and having to hide the boat away from the decoys.  I would stand in the water with my thick rubber chest waders and shoot ducks that way.  Now, I have camouflage neoprene waders and hunt out of a boat blind with heaters, coffee and a cell phone.  Another major change for me was when I was growing up we would process all of our own deer meat and use a hand grinder.  Now, we use a 2 horse electric grinder with all the different attachments, making our lives much easier.”

What do you see for the future of either hunting, fishing and/or trapping?  Do you think hunting, fishing and/or trapping rights will be protected in the future?  In not, what do you think can be done to protect these rights?

“I think the outdoor sports are a pastime forever embedded in our culture and it would be impossible for anybody to minimize or take them away, especially here in the Midwest.  Everywhere I drive I see hunters in camouflage or vehicles with hunting logos on them.  A worry I do have is not our rights being taken away, but the destruction of our natural resources.  While driving in Iowa, I see woodlands being clear cut, pollution in the ditches, and waterways destroyed.  This will end the outdoor sports before any other entity.  I believe bag limits and possession limits will always change, and change for a good reason.  The work the Iowa Department of Natural Resources does greatly benefits hunters, fishermen and trappers and is not a breach of our rights.  Their continuous hard work ensures that future generations will continue to enjoy the sports as much as we do.”

What advice would you give someone who is interested in hunting, fishing and/or trapping?

“Don’t get wrapped up on every commercial or T.V. personality telling you what to do to in order to be successful.  Find a mentor with experience and keep an open mind and ask questions!  When you find something that works, keep doing it.  If it doesn’t work, move on, and try something else.  Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, it’s guaranteed to happen!  Plan “A” rarely works and it’s the same for plan “B”.  Just have fun and be prepared to improvise.  Oh, don’t ever forget toilet paper!”

What is the one piece of advice you would like the world to know about either hunting, fishing, and/or trapping?

I despise poachers.  Their illegal activity is dragging down our sports.  Follow the laws.  If you are unsure of any law or regulation, ask your local conservation officer questions.  Lastly, report violations so our sports will be around for future generations.

For more information on Double M Game Calls visit Matt’s Facebook Page at:

Justin J. Lind

December 2017
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