An old way of fishing is the newest trend sweeping across Iowa.

The Iowa Kayak Anglers (IKA) will soon be paddling the waters of Iowa and are inviting all fishermen who own a kayak to join them in their upcoming adventures.

IKA is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Scott Shrader. “I started IKA to see if anybody else around me had the same passion for kayak fishing as I did. This year, we expect over 50 fishermen at each of our 6 tournaments held across Iowa.”

During the tournaments you can expect friendly competition, camping, and cookouts! Scott Shrader explains, “All our tournaments are bass fishing only and we practice C.P.R. which means catch, photo, and release. Fishermen in the IKA tournaments win based off the length of 5 fish combined, not weight.”

Scott explains that fishing out of a kayak has many advantages. First, fishing from a kayak is a lot cheaper than a traditional boat. Second, fishing from a kayak allows you as a fisherman access to a variety of smaller lakes and rivers where motor boats cannot go.

The IKA has a busy 2018 season with 6 tournaments and 1 championship tournament. The IKA is also proud to announce their new youth division that will hopefully attract more young adults to kayak fishing and the outdoors.

The IKA’s mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for anglers of any skill level and welcome anyone with a passion for kayak fishing.

To join the growing community of Iowa kayak fishermen, visit their WEBSITE.

Do not forget to follow the IKA on Facebook for pictures and updates on tournaments.

Justin J. Lind

March 2018
White Buffalo Outdoors