Now, I know you probably rolled your eyes a little right before you clicked on this article.  Your actions are completely understandable!  You deal with a lot, especially being married to a fisherman.  Your fisherman is always talking about fishing, organizing tackle boxes, cleaning fish fillets in the kitchen, and polishing the boat when the deck needs stained.  Being married to a fisherman might come with a little baggage, but after reading this article I think you will find those bags full of positives – making you the luckiest person in the world.

10. You Wake Up to Peace During the Weekend

It is still dark out on a Saturday morning and your fisherman is preparing to hit the water.  The love for fishing is so strong, your fisherman prepared and organized the day prior, allowing for a quiet retreat from the house.  While your fisherman is vertically jigging for crappies as the sun rises, you are at home peacefully sleeping with no snoring and all the blankets.   

9. Your Garage Is Organized

I have watched many episodes of Hoarders and I noticed a pattern – none of the hoarders are fishermen.  Why?  Because fishermen need space to organize and prepare and they need a clean space to do so.  Also, that boat takes up a good amount of space in the garage.  The space that is left around the boat must be ready for all garage projects you throw at your fisherman.

8. Your Convenient Meteorologist

It is the dead of winter and you wonder if you can drive to work in the morning.  You check the news and 3 different websites, all giving you different information!  If you want to know if the snow is going to fly, call your fisherman who is likely sitting on a 5-gallon bucket and a huge sheet of ice.  Ice fishing in open spaces, your fisherman will be able to feel the barometric pressure change, the sign of a storm approaching.  Your fisherman is so full of knowledge you will even know ice thickness of your local waterways and the temperature of the water!

7. Can Back It Up

Oh, great!  The in-laws are moving again.  All you can think about is the amount of time this operation is going to take.  Well, your fisherman is about to shave a lot of time off with the best trailer skills this side of the Mississippi.  Your fisherman will back up to the in-law’s house like a boss, motivating everyone to work hard and pack fast.   

6. Patience

The water has taught fishermen that good things come to those who wait.  Time after time, your fisherman preps for hours just to catch a few simple catfish.  Sitting on the upstream side of a log jam, your fisherman is not stressing about mowing grass, cleaning gutters, or work.  Your fisherman is laser focused on his fishing rods, praying for dinner.  If no dinner is caught, the tactics are reevaluated and adjustments are made to find success.

These qualities learned from fishing transition to life outside the boat.  Patience is a self-taught art requiring discipline and self-control.  In our fast pace world, it easy to get frustrated driving in traffic or waiting in line at Wal-Mart.  This built up frustration from these minute tasks will flow over to other interactions throughout the day, negatively impacting relationships with the people around you.  Controlling the day through patience leads to better outcomes and better relationships with the people around you.  Being persistent with patience will overtime drive your life in a positive direction and allow you to achieve your long-term goals.         

5. Chef Skills

If your fisherman did not know how to cook good fish before the marriage, I guarantee your fisherman has it figured it now!  Your fisherman needs to impress you in the kitchen, so you keep asking for more.  The more you like the cooking, the more your fisherman gets to fish! 

Does your fisherman hunt too?  Check out The Best Crock Pot Venison Recipe on the internet!

4. Strong Hands

Got a knot in your back?  No need to call that expensive chiropractor when you are married to a fisherman because your fisherman has the strongest hands on the block.  With years of tying rope and reeling in fish, your fisherman has built up strength that many cannot envision.   

3. That Model Tan

Now, I get it.  Your fisherman might not have those wash board abs you see in the magazines.  However, your fisherman sports a tan that magazine models only dream about.  Between the strong hands and that model tan, there is no doubt heads will turn as you walk into Bass Pro Shops with your arm candy.

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2. Easy to Buy For

Walking into that huge store is a little intimidating.  However, follow behind slowly and just watch.  As your fisherman picks up items and says, “Maybe next time”, snap a photo of the item and save to your phone. 

If you still feel like you struggle with buying fishermen gifts, here is a great list of simple items all fishermen could use!

1. Adventure Awaits You!

The world is at your fingertips when you are married to a fisherman!  If you would like to see more of the natural world, you married the right person.  Fishermen are natural teachers and love getting anybody they can into fishing, especially their own family.  Your children will learn skills and opportunities that many children in this world do not have access too.  If you are not into fishing, still take advantage of the opportunities that await you.  Get out on the boat with your fisherman and simply read a book and watch the natural wildlife around you.  Spending quality time with your partner in the outdoors will create memories both of you will smile about in your later years.  Make memories, have fun, and catch the largest fish in the boat (If you catch the larger fish never let your partner forget).

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Justin J. Lind

January, 2020
White Buffalo Outdoors

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