If you are a busy Iowa deer hunter this is the perfect page for you!  We live in a fast pace world and do not always have time to scout deer.  On this page, I will report weekly Iowa deer hunting patterns, buck behavior, and upcoming weather in hopes the information assists you in planning your next hunt.  I will update this page every Sunday until the Iowa deer hunting season is over.  Feel free to comment below on what you are seeing out in the woods!  Let’s come together as fellow Iowans so we all have a successful deer hunting season!  Now, let us get to it with Iowa Deer Hunting – Iowa’s Tree Stand Update.

October 20-27

The woods were more active this week here in eastern Iowa.  However, much of it was caused by an increase of small bucks moving briskly through the woods chasing other bucks and does.

I went bow hunting twice this week on public land.  Like last week, I hunted wooded areas with large oak trees and thick understories.  The leaves are still holding making visibility limited.

I crossed paths with several small bucks that were moving with purpose and chasing does.  I saw a drastic decrease in doe movement and noticed they were not grouped up like last week. 

Like last week, I did not see any deer until 9:00 a.m.  This is when the sun starts shining horizontally through the wooded areas and hitting the forest floor.  At 9:45 a.m. I did have a decent 8 pointer walk 35 yards from my stand.  He had a large body and had the attributes of a very mature deer, minus his antlers.  This deer seemed old and on the decline with his health.  I did rattle lightly at 10:00 a.m. and had 2 small bucks come in within 15 minutes.

When walking to my stands, I came across several deer scrapes and rubs.  These scrapes and rubs were fresh and appeared to be a few days old.  We counted 7 scrapes and 3 rubs within 40 yards of our stand.

I called several hunters in my local area and they are seeing a lot of small bucks, fresh rubs, and scrapes.  We are however seeing a lot of large deer at night when traveling back home from hunting. 

Next week, I plan to be more aggressive with rattling.  Tensions are no doubt picking up in the woods.  I expect the dominate deer to start showing who the bosses are, whether it is at night or during the day! 

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Stay tuned for next week’s update!

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Justin J. Lind

October 26, 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors

October 13-20

This week I bow hunted public land in eastern Iowa.  I went 3 times this week, 2 times in the morning and once in the evening.  I hunted wooded areas with large oak trees and thick understories.  With the trees and understories still holding leaves, visibility past 30 yards was difficult.

I observed A LOT of deer this week, about 30 in all.  However, I did not see many deer until the sun shined horizontally through the trees, usually around 9:00 a.m.  Both morning hunts I saw the majority of the deer around 10:00 a.m.  During my evening hunt I did not see any deer, but the wind was blowing out of the east at 25 mph!

Small bucks were starting to move this week.  I witnessed several 4 and 6 pointers trotting on main trails with their noses to the ground and tails up.  2 mid-level bucks moved through my shooting lanes feeding on foliage.  Both of these bucks moved through my area at 9:00 a.m. 

Winds were strong this week with the ground still saturated from past rains.  With a lot of leaves holding onto the trees and a saturated forest floor, the deer are able to move through the woods silently and without being seen.

I expect similar circumstances for this coming week.  Eastern Iowa is forecasted for several days of rain and wind like we had this week.  Also, forecasted temperatures do not show any major changes. 

Stay tuned for more Iowa deer hunting content you will not find anywhere else!

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Justin J. Lind

October 20, 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors

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