How to waterproof your hunting and fishing licenses in the most extreme conditions?  Waterproofing my hunting and fishing licenses has been a struggle over the years.  I travel a lot hunting and fishing and in many states it is required that I carry paper licenses in my pocket.  What do I do?  Fold up the licenses as tight as I can and squeeze them in my wallet, hoping they fit (they never do).  If it starts raining and my wallet gets wet, so do my licenses.  So, I asked myself, “How do I keep my hunting and fishing licenses waterproof and carry them comfortably?”  

The smokers in my life had the answer.

Waterproof cigarette cases kept smokers satisfied in the wettest conditions for years!  Whether tubing down a river or at a rainy concert, smokers found a way to keep smoking.

Waterproof cigarette cases cost $7.25 on Amazon.  The cases come with a comfortable neck lanyard for comfortable wear between any layer of clothing.  With many outdoorsmen having several licenses and tags, plenty of room is available to fit it all!

Interested in purchasing a waterproof cigarette case?  Try this one from Amazon – WITZ Keep it Safe Waterproof Sports Case. 

Here is another quick tip I wrote about hunting and fishing licenses – Can I Laminate My Fishing License?

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Justin J. Lind

September 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors