Fixing weathered or sun stained deer antlers can be a challenging and expensive task for any hunter to undertake.  The major problem that makes this task expensive is the amount of money the hunter will spend on the various stains to get the natural color they are looking for.  Let us not forget the amount of time it is going to take to look at all the different color swatches in hopes of finding the right color!  Learn how to restore weathered antlers for free with this short hunting quick tip. 

There is no need to buy stain or even leave your house to bleach your deer antlers!  Simply, wet some used coffee grounds and rub vigorously onto the antlers with an old sock.  Continue to reapply until you feel you have the right color!

Yeap, that’s it! 

Check out the final product below.

Lou Neve, 50-year veteran of the outdoors taught me how to restore weathered antlers for free.  I wrote an article on Lou Neve titled – Lou Neve: The Waterfowl Wizard 

In this article, Lou will give advice that benefits not only waterfowl hunters, but all hunters!  Feel free to give it a read!

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Justin J. Lind

September 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors