Outdoorsmen are busy people and do not always have time to clean their guns. If they do find time after an exhausting hunt, some will shove their cleaning rod down into the barrel with the barrel attached to the rest of the gun.

This technique is not recommended. Here are 3 reasons why.

1. You Push the Problem Somewhere Else

Forcing the cleaning rod down the barrel with the barrel attached tightly packs gun powder and other residues into mechanisms that are necessary to keep your gun functioning properly.

2. It is Unsafe

Building up gun powder and residue overtime can set your bullet off inside the gun. When this happens, shrapnel can blow back in your face and eyes.

3. The Barrel Is not Truly Clean

Forcing the cleaning rod in the opposite direction of the bullets trajectory does not clean the barrel thoroughly.

If you want a clean and safe gun barrel, simply detach the barrel from the gun and push the cleaning rod in the direction the bullet travels. Once the cleaning patches and/or brush pass entirely through the barrel, remove them and reattach to the cleaning rod. DO NOT push the cleaning rod through the barrel and pull back towards you. Repeat this process until you feel the barrel is clean.

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Justin J. Lind

September 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors