Fishing for flathead catfish is a great way to catch the largest fish in your local river!  However, the process of catching bait, preparing gear, and finding a good fishing spot is a time-consuming process.  With so much time invested, it is important to hook your bluegill bait correctly, so you hook and land more fish!

Below is a picture showing 3 different options to hook your bluegill bait which is indicated in red.  The green line indicates the lateral line of the fish.  The lateral line allows your bluegill to detect movement, vibration, and pressure gradients in the water.  Hitting the lateral line with your hook will likely shock your bluegill bait and not allow it swim, reducing your chances of hooking a flathead catfish. 

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When fishing with live bluegill bait, it is important to note that flathead catfish will first try to stun your bait, so it is easier for them to catch and swallow.  Flathead catfish will stun live bluegill bait by striking it with their large tail.  After the bluegill bait is stunned, the flathead catfish will likely swallow the bluegill headfirst. 

Good luck on your next flathead fishing adventure and feel free to send White Buffalo Outdoors pictures of your trophy fish!

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Justin J. Lind

July 2019
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