I am 30 years old and have been boating my entire life on the Mississippi River.  At a very young age, it was not unusual for us kids to be on the river alone, hunting ducks, geese, and deer.  As I entered adulthood, my boating experiences expanded far beyond my little town in Iowa.  As time passes by, I look back at my boating adventures in places like Australia, Dominican Republic, and Texas and have noticed a common denominator at the boat ramp – A lot of boaters cannot find their boat’s drain plug.  The frustrated boater starts tearing apart their boat and truck, hoping to find that little piece of heaven to get them on the water.  As the boater becomes more agitated, so does the line backing up behind him on the boat ramp.

Rushing to go fishing or hunting, I have been “that guy” who cannot find that little drain plug.  But now, I am the hero at the boat ramp simply by throwing a few extra drain plugs in my truck’s glove box!  If I cannot find my own drain plug or I notice a fellow boater who has lost his, I simply walk up to my truck and grab one out of the glove box. Every time I have given a drain plug to a boater, he or she has handed me money without me even asking for it.

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Other Boat Drain Plug Quick Tips
  1. When putting your boat in reverse for the first time at the boat ramp, look back at your drain plug to ensure it stayed in the drain hole.  The back pressure from going in reverse can push your drain plug out of the drain hole and into the boat, causing your boat to quickly fill with water. 
  2. Thought you put the drain plug in at home only to see water gushing in after you launch your boat?  Always keep extra drain plugs in your boat that are easily accessible. 
  3. Always drain your boat at the site you launched your boat to stop the spread of invasive species!  While your draining your boat, ensure you drain all live wells and remove all vegetation from the prop.    
  4. Inspect your drain plugs to ensure they are functioning properly, especially snap-handle and t-handle drain plugs.  Inspect all components for cracks or dry rot.  If you find any issues with your drain plugs, replace immediately and dispose of in the garbage.

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Justin J. Lind

January, 2020
White Buffalo Outdoors

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