If you want to save money when it comes to deer hunting scent wicks, it is time to raid your bathroom and venture into those cabinet doors you have never thought of opening.  Your mission?  To find cotton balls and unscented tampons so you can DIY deer hunting scent wicks! 

Cotton Balls 

Cotton balls sell in packs of 200 for $1.89.  Cheap hunting wicks sell at packs of 4 for $3.00. 

Cotton balls are great alternatives to standard deer hunting scent wicks because they easily snag on branches and can be used to apply deer urine to the bottom of your boots. 

Note – Remove cotton balls out of trees after each hunt and either reuse by placing in a Ziploc bag or dispose of properly.  Songbirds can get their feet tangled in the cotton balls.


With a quick Google search, I found a box of 50 scent free tampons for $8.84.  The benefits of using tampons is not only the price, but their convenient strings that you can tie to tree branches and their great absorption of your favorite deer urine.  When you are done hunting for the day, simply untie the tampons from the trees and place in a Ziploc bag for your next hunt. 

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Justin J. Lind

November, 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors

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