What makes all fishermen alike? We want to waterproof everything including our fishing licenses! But, can I laminate my fishing license?

I cannot.

Unfortunately, Iowans cannot use a lamination machine to waterproof their fishing AND hunting licenses.  Our licenses are made with thermal paper.

Thermal paper uses heat to create text and images, not ink. If you put the licenses through a lamination machine, your ticket to the outdoors (your license) will turn black instantly.

Can I laminate my fishing license another way?


I now use clear box tape for my licenses and it has worked great.  I simply put a piece on each side of license and cut the excess off.

Another great way to laminate your fishing license it to use contact paper.  Apply the contact paper the same way as the box tape. 

Want to learn more about waterproofing your fishing and hunting licenses?  Check out this quick tip – How to Waterproof Hunting and Fishing Licenses

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Justin J. Lind

September 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors