White Buffalo Outdoors loves its country and designed its logo to honor the United States and conservation.

In May of 2016, President Barack Obama signed into the law the National Bison Legacy Act, designating the bison “American buffalo” the official mammal of the United States.

We have put a circle around our American buffalo to bring attention to its story. The American buffalo once roamed our Great Plains by the millions. With western settlement and unethical practices, the American buffalo nearly became extinct with only 1,000 left. Through conservation efforts these numbers are now exceeding 500,000.

Not only does the American buffalo have a history of vigor, it is also known as a symbol of potential. The Lakota American Indians believe the birth of a sacred white buffalo is a sign of hope and of good times to come.

The American buffalo embodies the American spirit with its resilience and strength. Thank you to all outdoorsmen who continue to fund and support conservation movements. Your continued contributions are making a difference in preserving the American outdoors.

Justin J. Lind

January 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors