First, there were simple stories nobody believed. The old fishermen of the past would tell stories with arms as wide as they would stretch, as people around them rolled their eyes. As years passed, bulky cameras found their way into boats, providing proof of success all the while keeping certain details a secret.  Today, we use Snapchat.

Snapchat is a great tool to broadcast your awesome fishing pictures instantly to a long list of friends and fellow fishermen. However, if not used correctly, certain details you did not want others to know might show due to the app and the Snapchat user.

Here are your 5 tips to show your fish off, not your secrets.

5. Block Co-Workers!

Yes, it is true, the fishing community has a dirty secret–We sometimes call in sick and go fishing.

We also like to brag about our fish, especially on our Snapchat storyline for all our friends to see while they are hard at work. However, we sometimes forget details too, like those co-workers we added so long ago.

These co-workers might seem nice to your face, but they want that promotion just as bad as you do.

To block your co-workers from seeing your storyline follow these simple steps.

1. Click on your story in the top left corner and touch the 3 dots next to it. A window will appear.

2. Hit custom.

3. Scroll to your friends list and hit the names of the co-workers you want blocked.

You now can show your fish off in peace. The best part, Snapchat does not notify anyone that they have been blocked, eliminating possible tension in the workplace. These custom settings will now be permanently saved for any other “sick days” that might pop up in the future, eliminating worry.

4. Zoom In, a Lot!

Now that the co-workers are duped, it is time to dupe our fellow fishermen who may find themselves slightly jealous as they watch from work.

Your most productive fishing holes are productive because you have kept them a secret. A Snapchat picture showing landscape features in the background will give your favorite fishing hole away to any man or woman who knows the water, as well as you do.

Zoom in, and zoom in a lot! Have your amateur photographer/friend take the picture so that only water or a few trees are in the background.

Another benefit of zooming in is it makes your fish look bigger! But, do not forget to…

3. Take That Lure Out!

If prowling fishermen are onto your game because of your Snapchat, the last thing you want them to know is what you are catching those big fish with. Take that lure out and keep them guessing. Plus, it is safer to handle that floppy fish with no lure attached!

2. Turn Off Snap Map

If you really want to keep your fishing holes a secret, turn off your Snap Map.

Snap Map is a location-sharing feature where your Snapchat friends can see a cartoon figure of you on a topographic map. This feature is surprisingly accurate and the more your friends zoom in, the more accurate your location becomes. Snap Map will update every time you open the app and when you are taking Snapchats.

To turn off Snap Map follow these simple steps.

1. Launch the app and pinch the screen. Snap Map will open.

2. Hit the gear icon in the top right corner.

3. Select “Ghost Mode.”

Another concerning quality of Snap Map is how well the feature drains your battery life, which is essential for any emergency situation that may arise.

1. Smile Big

Most importantly, smile big! Show your Snapchat friends and fellow fishermen that you are the boss of the water!

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Justin J. Lind

August 2018
White Buffalo Outdoors