Iowa Outdoorsmen are their own breed, and that’s a fact.

Hunting season begins in early September and the Iowa hunters are hitting the fields calling in geese, harvesting doves, and preparing their deer stands for bow season. With one eye on their game, they have another on the Iowa football games. At this time, outdoor sports rival A.M. radio for attention.

As October arrives, they drive right into duck hunting, all-the-while anticipating the deer rut and shotgun season ahead. Meanwhile, trappers are at work in the woods helping farmers control their raccoon and coyote populations.

The Iowa winter comes with a force late December, blanketing the ground with snow and ice. The outdoorsmen take advantage of this, kicking up pheasants while fishermen sit on buckets praying for a few pan fish.

The wet spring arrives, bringing out the fishermen looking for northern pike, crappie, and walleye. The turtle trappers are soon to follow, hitting the backwaters and setting their nets.

Behind the turtle trappers come the mosquitos and summer heat. Now it is the disciplined catfishermen’s turn to venture out at night in hopes of catching the state record.

With the fast-pace outdoor way of life, the Iowa outdoorsmen have no time to realize the benefits of their actions:

1. Funding Fish and Wildlife Habitat

According to Zohrer (2006), “Fish and wildlife conservation programs in Iowa have been funded nearly entirely from license fees paid by hunters and anglers and by Federal excise taxes collected on hunting and fishing equipment” (p.1).

2. $30 Million to Be Exact

Yes, Iowa Outdoorsmen give $30 million ANNUALLY to fish and wildlife habitat, benefiting the entire ecosystem of Iowa and the entire United States.

3. Only 147 Species are Hunted, Fished or Trapped in Iowa…..

Yet, Iowa Outdoorsmen contribute funds to conserve over 999 Iowa species (Zohrer, 2006, p.1).

Thank you to all Iowa Outdoorsmen for your continued support and contributions to the fish and wildlife of Iowa.

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Justin J. Lind

January 2018
White Buffalo Outdoors


Zohrer, J. J. (2006). Securing a Future For Fish and Wildlife A Conservation Legacy for Iowans.

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