Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is warning all mushroom hunters to use caution when hunting in and around flooded areas. 

According to Salamanca (2019), “Flooding throughout Iowa this spring has damaged farm land, public parks and recreational spots, and has caused increased pressures on drainage systems” (p.1).

Mushroom hunters should avoid areas where animals like fish have perished and areas that likely hold chemical contaminants like pesticides and heavy metals (Salamanca, 2019, p. 1).

When picking mushrooms, avoid decaying mushrooms or mushrooms with growths.  Leave behind any mushrooms filled with insects or unidentifiable debris.    If a mushroom does not look right, do not pick it! 

Before cooking mushrooms, cut them in half and inspect the tubular stem and remove any debris.  Thoroughly wash the outside of the mushroom and inside the tubular stem with cold water.  Pat dry with a paper towel after cleaning. 

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Justin J. Lind

April 2019
White Buffalo Outdoors


Salamanca, L. R. (2019, April 22). Use Caution When Morel Mushroom Hunting in Flooded Areas. Retrieved from